If you had the chance to hear my most recent discussion of the image of the man you know that I indicated that we often react to current situations based on images impressed on us (inside our minds…) earlier in life. For example, the man who abuses his wife may have grown up in a household where he saw his father abuse his mother. This image may have been imprinted on his soul and he reacts to this image (the memory of what he saw as a child). On the other hand, a child may have grown up in a household where he saw his father treat his mother (the father’s wife) like a queen. He may have observed displays of affection and a readiness to serve (something as simple as getting her a glass of water). This same child would see the wife get her husband (the child’s father) a glass of water or fix his plate at dinner time and he was having an image imprinted on his inner self (his mind, spirit). Now that he’s no longer a child but, rather, a young adult who has his own wife and treats her like a queen, it’s important to note that while his wife may be a good wife who makes it easy to treat like a queen, that young married man is also probably responding to the image inside, the memory etched into his mind of how a husband treats his wife based on how he saw his father treat his mother.

Let’s be thoughtful and deliberate about impressing positive images on our children in whatever environment, home, school… they encounter us.