November will be here before we know it so we need to get busy doing our homework. We don’t have the luxury of allowing anyone to spend time playing with (manipulating) our emotions. We need to engage our minds in gathering the facts and engage our hearts in following our conscience.

Many are playing up the election year turn-over that many voters push for at this point in each election cycle. How much of that is self-fulfilling prophecy or strong suggestions made frequently enough that citizens embrace the message and fulfill it at the polls?

We will do well to compare how the two major parties have impacted our nation by simply looking closely at the bills that became law since the mid 1990’s and recall what has been happening to or for our nation as a result of those measures. The Republicans were in charge of the House and Senate from the mid ’90’s until 2007 at which time the Democrats gained control. Simply review the laws that were enacted in the mid ’90’s and recall what impacted our nation from that time ’til 2007.  Then do the same thing regarding 2007 to the present. Give careful consideration to what we, the people, said in 2007 and 2008 are important to us and do two things. (1) Recall which parties/elected officials have tried to deliver and which have tried to deny us what we said we’ve needed and (2) Pay close attention to who’s trying now and will be trying right up to November to deliver what the majority of us said we need.

Don’t allow anyone to excite your emotions, especially the emotions that tend to lead towards malice and hostility, to the point where our minds become disengaged. Often people use this tactic when they don’t want us to think because they know if we really think about the issues and give careful attention to who’s really doing what, the outcome probably won’t be in their favor.

Regardless of party affiliation, we should each take it upon ourselves to give an honest effort to determine what has really been happening since the mid ’90’s (since we can make a comparison between the two major parties and whether their interests have been largely for the benefit of the nation without being asked to go so far back into history that it seems unfair) and let the facts guide our votes.