Sometimes we form relationships with people without even trying. I’m referring to that powerful connection that takes place when someone observes us and decides that the example we set is one he or she wants to imitate. Whether we know them or not. Whether we know about their decision to imitate us or not.

Think about the people we know who have been sent to detention centers or to prison imitating the example of someone they looked up to. Someone who, unfortunately, included crime as part of their lifestyle. But also think about people who have graduated with honors, partly because they imitated someone else who consistently brought home good grades.

The person being imitated may or may not be a family (including extended) member. That person may or may not know they’ve been watched so closely. But the impact has been great either way. Can we carry ourselves in such a way as to deliberately display behaviors that will positively impact people even when we don’t know anyone’s watching? Can we determine what criteria to have in play as we try to identify and choose our own role models?

These are critical questions to answer, especially as we see our society deteriorating in many ways. Be sure to listen in as Dr. Roscoe Williams talks about Role Modeling, an area of his expertise, Tuesday, August 3 at 2pm. Also be sure to give serious consideration to this subject in the coming days so you can see where you are, whether you’re modeling, imitating or both. Let’s deliberately have a positive impact on people whether we know they’re observing or not. This is a great way to help build community on any level.