Many people show the power of working together when they unite to oppose causes they’re against. Even when what they’re opposing will accomplish much good. It’s great when people who truly want to bring about good for the family or community, the work place, whereever people congregate, pull together to bring about the positive outcomes they desire.

One of the reasons those who push for hurtful outcomes seem to be so successful is that they often pull together with determination to be heard and to get results. They’re often very successful, too, because they’re very skillful at hiding the real reasons for their actions. Those who push for more positive outcomes need to be just as determined to be heard and to get the results we want.

We the people need to develop skill in picking up on inconsistencies in what we hear and read from all who announce their wishes and learn to remain united and busy even when it becomes tiring. Take breaks when we need to but don’t quit. The beauty of harmony that’s designed to bring about positive outcomes is just that: it brings about outcomes that help. People are able to find/maintain employment. The national government is able to save money as hospitals and medical practitioners are more properly reimbursed for services rendered. Small business owners are able to obtain state contracts and be paid for their work. Families can experience a greater sense of peace and a nation a greater sense of security as decisions are enacted that truly provide for the needs of the many. This is power at its best. I encourage all who are pushing for harmony that leads to positive outcomes on any level to continue doing what you’re doing. It’s worth the effort.