Many of us remember the “free love” of the sixties. That wasn’t the best way to share “love” since there were so many consequences of that free love. Yet we can ask ourselves if, in the perspective of true love, do we feel free? Do we have a sense of freedom of mind and soul to love just because? When it comes to our families, do we find ourselves letting love flow freely from our hearts or do we discover upon close examination that we often apply the breaks and proceed with caution?

If we narrow it down to just the two of us is the situation any different? Does our love flow any more or less freely with the one we’ve exchanged or plan to exchange vows with?

How about when we expand to the broader community? To those we work with, fellowship with, volunteer with?

If we compare the flow from one group to another do we find that the flow is greater, easier, freer with some groups than with others? Maybe with some outside the family than with those in the family? What makes it easy for some to love and difficult for others? Why is it harder to extend love to some than it is to others?

Give this some thought and respond to this blog. I plan to blog some of my thoughts about this at a later date but I plan to discuss it this Thursday. Listen in, let your own ideas be sparked and share your thoughts later if not now.