Sandy Turner is Assistant Dean, Professor of Biobehavioral Nursing, Family Medicine and Graduate Studies at Georgia Health Sciences University in addition to being a member of the Georgia Nurses Association. She joins Carl to discuss nursing careers, the history of nursing (you may be surprised to learn about the start of this great profession), the impact on the nursing programs at Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University after their merger and more as we celebrate Nurse’s Week.

At 2pm we have to re-broadcast the conversation with Valerie Wooten. The prerecorded conversation originally aired Friday, May 4, as scheduled but at the wrong time. Due to an error by Yours Truly the conversation aired at 1pm instead of 2pm. Quite a few people were listening for that conversation and missed it as a result of the change so we’re going to re-broadcast that conversation at 2pm today (Friday before Mother’s Day). Get some great information about publishing and more.