One of the topics we’ve covered for a few weeks pertains to the increased political polarization that is taking place in America. The political ideologies on the extremes, the liberal and conservative/neoconservative views, are becoming more prominent in American politics while the percentage of Americans who share views in the middle is decreasing. As we think about the threats of lynching, the black dolls that were hung in 2008 and the steady flow of the display of malice included in American politics, should we be concerned about where the country is headed? It’s important to keep in mind that the polarization is not just a way of life for our politicians but is also the way of life for we the people. In fact, while our politicians were saying  “Meet them at the border” members of we the people were hanging the dolls and buying more guns. According to Pew Research, Democrats and Republicans are expressing greater distrust of each other and these groups make up the majority of the nation when it comes to party affiliations. Where is our nation headed with regard to “One nation under God…?” Should we be concerned?