On this first day of the week of the Master’s Golf Tournament, Carl begins his own introduction of the CSRA (Central Savannah River Area) to our visitors (and residents who want to know more). With this first of his series, “A Look at the CSRA,” Carl speaks with Mayor Lark Jones, the leader of North Augusta, South Carolina. Carl and Mayor Jones talk about the developing beauty of North Augusta as well as its growth and more. Carl will discuss with Mayor Jones as well as the other city leaders included in this week’s look challenges, successes and future plans for their cities.

Many times we can do a better job of turning things around when we have a better idea of what we’re battling. Dr. Michael Kuhar has been conducting pioneering research in the area of addictions. He speaks with Carl about the ways in which drugs literally change the way our brains function when affected by drugs. This interview can help you or someone you know if you’ve been trying to gain a better understanding of why addicts behave the way they do.