Carl continues to help visitors and residents take “A Look at the CSRA” as he speaks with Mayor Deke Copenhaver who is leading the charge at Augusta, Georgia. Entitled “The Garden City Update with Mayor Deke Copenhaver,” this discussion details some of the reasons that the city has grown industry-wise and has been coming together as a community.

Carl encourages everyone to allow their hearts and minds to grasp the tragedy of having children actively engaged in wars. The sexual abuse, the lives taken, the nightmares, the road to recovery are all part of the discussion.

Making it a point to give special attention to golf during Masters’ Week, Carl is joined in the studio by Coach Johnson, of Paine College, and two of the team’s players, Chauncy and Brad, as they all discuss this captivating game. But it’s important that you also know that Dr. Kip Matthews, a psychologist who specializes in several areas, including sports psychology, brings a tremendous level of expertise to the table as he engages all 4 men in a discussion involving, among other things, the mind-body connection in golf. Be sure to check out this lively conversation.