Dr. Thompson is a tenured Professor of Kinesiology and a Professor of Nutrition at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He brings a tremendous depth and breadth of expertise to the table when discussing health and fitness because he is also helping lead the way to helping our nation become healthier as he chairs the American Fitness Index Advisory Board. He talks with Carl about specific ways to make individuals and cities healthier.

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. were part of the team that made up the Fifth Dimension and dazzled millions with their awesome vocals. They’re now taking advantage of their 40 years in the entertainment industry and as a married couple to help us understand how we can build strong careers (especially in the music industry) and marriages. Carl will also speak with them in this prerecorded interview about their new CD, The Many Faces of Love, and their new book, Up, Up And Away, How We Found Love, Faith, and Lasting Marriage in the Entertainment World.