One of the greatest challenges for any two or more people who hope to develop a great relationship is to discover how to develop harmony. In order to give themselves the best possible chance of doing this, they need to be willing to consciously discover their similarities since this is what helps bring most friends together. Shared values, including such things as mutual respect for others combined with positive regard, is one of those commonalities that often bring people together.

Our society has spent many years indoctrinating male and female to believe that when it comes to relationships, women are superior to men. We’re taught to believe that the two sexes are very different in all the ways that matter most. Women are compassionate, men are not. Women are sensitive to the needs of others, men are not. Women are nurturers, men are not. Women communicate effectively and men don’t. And the list goes on. With the two being so extremely different, again, in the ways that have the greatest impact, is there any wonder that the two have such a difficult time making more connections that are intimate and lasting? Is there any hope for significant improvement in our relationships if we continue to pit one sex against the other by insisting on giving all positive accolades to one gender while maintaining that the other has little, if any, truly worthwhile qualities?

Maybe our greatest hope is to honestly and thoroughly examine both genders to determine what we’re really like so we can discover whether the two are as different as many say. Maybe honest examinations combined with honest dialogue can reveal more similarities than we’ve been permitted to realize. From there, maybe we can begin to see that we have a foundation on which to build lasting, more intimate and satisfying relationships.