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When I load my web site, I occasionally get a message saying something to the effect of “A Word from Our Advertiser.” Please note that I have not arranged for any messages from any advertisers to communicate via my site. I never proceed in reading the “message.”

Also it’s so interesting that so many of us have “twins” who are not at all related to us. It’s also interesting that there can be a number of people who have the same name, first and last, even with similar suffixes (e.g., Jr….). I’ve been told by a number of people that they’ve seen my twin (although I don’t really have one) and I have definitely seen my same name (including the suffix “Jr.”) numerous times  attached to other people although I’ve never met any of them. Fortunately, we have not shared the same history, especially with regards to legal matters. I have a clean record and will continue to strive to keep it clean. Have you heard whether you have a twin or do you share a name with someone you’ve never met?

Hello everyone! Just in case you missed the original announcement, we recently made some changes to the lineup and broadcast schedule on WTHB, 1550AM. Monday-Friday, Erica Campbell is now getting us going from 6AM-10AM and is followed by Roland Martin from 10AM-1pm. Here’s where the change comes in. In fact, two changes come in. As you know, my program has been airing 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, 1PM-3PM. My program, Speaking With Carl Thornton, Jr., now airs 7 days a week and with a time change during the week. Instead of airing 1-3PM during the week my program airs 1PM-2PM Monday-Friday. Then on Saturday’s and Sunday’s I’m on the air 1PM-3PM. So what about that last hour during the week, 2PM-3PM? Have no fear because that’s where the second change comes in.  Rev. Al Sharpton is now in the lineup from 2PM-5PM, Monday-Friday, immediately following my program, closing each day on a powerful note. It’s all in play now so you have  hours of inspirational music and great discussion on your AM band: 1550AM, WTHB, The Voice!

One of the great things we’ve been doing for decades is celebrating our mothers. Really celebrating them! Many cards have been written about the tremendous contributions mothers make to their families. Celebration of mothers on Mother’s Day has been huge! During speeches we often hear about the love children have for their mothers. This is great. We have a lot of women who really do a great job being wives and mothers and it’s good to celebrate them. I think it would also be great, even better, if we begin to celebrate our fathers just as passionately and often as we celebrate our mothers. Even though fathers (just as men in general) have been given some rough treatment for years, the truth is that just as there have been many women who have done well as wives and mothers, there have always been many men who have done well as husbands and fathers. When we think about what we know about family life (our own and others’) and simply and honestly acknowledge all the good and the bad that we’ve observed, we find it pretty easy to conclude that there are cases where fathers deserve the award for having held the family together and nurtured the children, there are cases where mothers deserve the award, and there are cases where both deserve the award. Moms have been getting theirs; let’s start ramping up the celebration of our fathers. I’ll  help contribute to the cause by leading a couple of discussions this week that focus on Getting to Know Fathers.

I’ll also speak with former Staff Sgt. Keni Thomas who was one of the soldiers who found himself in a very dangerous situation when two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters went down in Mogadishu.

And for the benefit of those who want to hear Spiritual Perspectives on Sunday but are not able due to prior commitments (such as the all-important church attendance!), I’ll re-broadcast this past Sunday’s discussion of Why We Love.

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You’ve come to the right program for variety and information relevant to our lives. Some serious, some light-hearted, but, hopefully, all information you can use and broadcast from WTHB 1550AM, part of Perry Broadcasting of Augusta.

Celebrating Diversity While Promoting Harmony ™

This phrase addresses my passion for empowering people of different races, age groups, genders… to examine our positions regarding these and other relationships and embrace ways of overcoming barriers to these relations. The goal is to encourage the embracing of one another regardless of differences.

Building the Individual, the Family, the Community™

This is something that you’ll hear Carl reference frequently because whether the discussion centers on domestic violence and how to overcome its traumatizing effects, teen dating violence and how to resolve it, motivational/inspirational speakers who inspire us to greatness, business matters, health matters, overcoming racial divides or the numerous other topics that you hear on Speaking With…™ Carl Thornton, Jr., the overarching goal is to build us, to help us become better, as individuals, families, and community, whether the local, state, national or global community.

Let Some of Life’s Best Moments Come Through You ™

This statement sums up my desire to encourage people to examine their relationships in the context of striving to have something beneficial come into the lives of others as a result of the relationship. Husbands and wives can improve their relationship if the husband remembers to continually look out for the best interest of his wife and vice versa rather than each looking out only for his/her own best interest. If their children also practice relating to their siblings and parents motivated by this same objective, that family environment will be much more pleasant for all of them. The family will be stronger. The same can be true in places of worship and on the job site. So I end most of my programs with this line of encouragement.

Life gets complicated at times and, without doubt, there will be people who will choose not to engage even in the noblest of endeavors. However, I believe that for the people who can and will benefit by pursuing these objectives and, ultimately, improve their relationships (and their environments), our effort is well worth it.

Your “voices” are valuable so join our conversations on this site by visiting the  blog and responding to something you heard on the show or posting a topic you’d like others to pursue and by calling in during broadcasts. Share your insights and ask your questions as we all grow and help our families and communities grow.